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Public Art

Community Story Tree

October 2009
Foam core and mixed media
approximately 8' x 8'

This project came together though a collaborative group effort from the whole community of Sitka. The idea originated with Sitkans Against Family Violence, and grew from there. The project was a means of bringing the community closer by educating us about domestic violence through art.
I was commissioned to design a tree and draw it out on four large pieces of foam core, which were then cut into 64 squares. The individual squares were distributed throughout the community and decorated by many different people all with the central theme of awareness and support. When all of the squares came back and were reassembled to form the tree design again, a beautiful mosaic was relieved.
 I am honored to have been a part of this project. I would like to thank Julia Smith who really spearheaded the project and was a key player in pulling it all together, not to mention the numerous other individuals who helped to decorate, transport and install the large final piece, and Wells Fargo of Sitka who let us display it in their window for the whole month of October.

 Petroglyph found in Kalinin Bay

Petroglyph Mural
August 2007
Acrylic paint and drywall mud
University of Alaska Southeast, Sitka campus
approximately 420 sq ft
The Petroglyph Mural is located in the main entrance room at the University of Alaska Southeast, Sitka campus. It wraps around the walls opening to the second story above. This mural was inspired by ancient petroglyphs that can be found even today throughout southeast Alaska. Jamie Autrey, the Professor of Art at the campus, did the leg work of locating copies of petroglyphs to reproduce, some donated from private collections while others were located through public sources. Roberto Salas was the main artist and myself his assistant, we worked with UAS students to complete the mural.
The design incorporates a wide variety of petroglyphs. We started with circles and suns, some of the earliest and simplest petroglyphs, and moved into slightly more complex designs representing fish and birds. Flowing into still more complex petroglyphs depicting mammals like deers and bears, then whales and sea creatures with men in boats floating above. Followed by more designs of humans and flowing back into the circles and spirals from before. There is a large and complex petroglyph which can be found in Kalinin Bay, thought to depict the story of Raven stealing the Sun and Moon, which we used as a center piece for the mural.
We created depth and a since of carved rock through the use of stencils and drywall mud. Once the mud dried we came back around with acrylic paint, which we used to highlight the textures created with the mud. Jamie Autry then created clay tiles to decorate the edge of the top of the walls as seen  from the second story.
This mural is meant to honor and present some of the rich culture which surrounds us here in Alaska.




Fawn Mountain Elementary School Project
October 2006
Oil paint
Fawn Mountain Elementary School, Ketchikan, Alaska
This project was a unique chance to connect with elementary school children and work with them in decorating their school. The project was to decorate the back of several benches that are located throughout Fawn Mountain Elementary. Roberto Salas (the head artist) and myself (the artist assistant) conducted a week long workshop, in which we worked with a group of students teaching them simple art lessons while focusing on insects as our subject matter.
We used the student's artwork and designs created during the workshop to decorate the benches.  Abstract bugs and squiggling lines soon where dancing down the halls of the school. We then used decals to produce some of the scientific names related to the bugs such as anthropoids, chrysalis, metamorphosis. Turning the art project into an educational as well as inspirational tool for all.

Children's Room Mural

June 2006
Acrylic Paint
Children's room in S.A.F.V. shelter

Guillermo Jauregui (a.k.a. Memo), Roberto Salas, Cory Welsh and myself were given the opportunity to work with the Sitkans Against Family Violence organization in decorating their shelter's children's room. Each of us armed with different colored paint circled around the room several times, adding on to each others designs until the walls where filled with; dancing flowers, birds, planes, stars and so much more.
 It was a very fast and fun project that came together in only a few hours at most. Having the opportunity to work with such a creative and talented group on such a fun and inspiring project was quite a unique experience for me and one that I will not soon forget. I have been told that the children were immensely happy with the end results and I am extremely grateful that I had an opportunity to play a role in brightening their day


(Photo from left to right, back row; Lisa Teas, Cory Welsh, Will Burkhart, Guillermo Jauregui and Roberto Salas, front row; Ray Troll and Lisa Bush)

Wild Fish Mural
June 2006
Acrylic paint on wood panels
Cold Storage Building, Sitka, AK
Two, approximately 100' x 10' murals

The Wild Fish Mural consists of two 100ft long murals that have been installed on the side of the cold storage building along Katlian Street here in Sitka Alaska. The Mural was supported by many different individuals and groups before it could be completed. It was truly a large scale project that required a large crew. Four different artist were hired to work on the mural; Ray Troll, Will Burkart, Guillermo (Memo) Jauregui and Roberto Salas as well as two artist assistants Cory Welsh and myself.

The Mural took about a month to finish painting all the different panels and installing them onto the side of the building. Great thanks is deserved by many individuals, including but not limited to; Lisa Bush, John and Finn Straley, Pat Hughes, Jamie Autry, Nick Galanin, Megan Pasternak and Michelle Putts. Not to mention the generous contributions from The Rasmuson Foundation, Volvo Cars of North America, The Greater Sitka Arts Council, University of Alaska Sitka campus, Sitka Tree and Landscape Committee, Russell's Store for Men, Sitka Tribe of Alaska, White's Pharmacy and many more.

Public Art



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